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Which lawyer to use for which location? Can my Sao Paulo lawyer close/title real estate in Rio?

This is a common cause of confusion with clients. Understandbly so given what we see in the marketplace. We are based in Fortaleza and can close/title on properties anywhere in Brazil using our network. ┬áSo far, so good. But many … Continue reading

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Don’t trust your friends (too much).

It is with some reservation we make the above statement. Of course our friends have good intentions and wish the best for us. However, as good as their intentions may be, their knowledge of the situation can often be lacking. … Continue reading

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Due Diligence in Brazil, is it thorough enough?

Many buyers ask us if buying real estate in Brazil is safe. The answer is yes, it is safe but only as long as your due diligence is adequate. In our 7 years of experience within the Fortaleza real estate … Continue reading

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