Which lawyer to use for which location? Can my Sao Paulo lawyer close/title real estate in Rio?

This is a common cause of confusion with clients. Understandbly so given what we see in the marketplace. We are based in Fortaleza and can close/title on properties anywhere in Brazil using our network.  So far, so good. But many Brazilian lawyers do not have this network and ability and as a result we commonly hear from lawyers in Lisbon, Sau Paulo, London that have a client closing on Fortaleza Real Estate and need us to do the key elements of the work for them. This adds to the cost to the client and it also leaves us dependent on a 3rd party to manage the process. In some instances as well as us carrying out the work, the remote lawyer has also flown to Fortaleza at the cost of the client.  It is important that you check with your Brazilian legal firm and ensure they can close/title without needing the services of an additional local lawyer. We have an extremely effective  solution for dealing with titles in all major cities in Brazil without additional expense to the client. I am sure it is an easy argument to make that it is better to pay one lawyer and not two.

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