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About Investment Services Brazil

Brazil very much favors foreign investors with robust legal protection and strong economic indicators which both serve to attract your real estate investment. Our responsibility at Investment Services Brazil is to ensure that investment decision is correctly supported before, during and after the purchase process.

With a Fortaleza Real Estate lawyer, a team with seven years’ experience assisting foreign investors and with a highly qualified and experienced legal and accounting team, we are aware of all challenges facing foreign real estate investors as they enter Brazil.

With these challenges in mind we created a range of services to assist foreign investors in all steps of the real estate purchase process. These services range from Pre-Purchase market price research, through to the due diligence and on to post construction inspection and management and Brazilian Investment Visas. Our staff are well experienced in all aspects of Brazilian law in relation to Brazilian Real Estate and offer Brazilian legal advice based on in-depth experience. If you are seeking a lawyer in Brazil to assist you and supervise your real estate purchase then our offices in Fortaleza can provide you with all the legal services you need.

We believe the foreign investment process is best served by transparency and information. In our opinion it is vital that the client is correctly informed in plain English of all the elements involved in any legal or accounting process and is then with our guidance in the best position for decision-making when purchasing Real Estate in Brazil.

Additionally we believe that traditional pricing models used to charge foreign investors is not cost effective and as such have created a fixed price and highly competitive pricing structure for all our Brazilian legal and accounting services. Our objective is to represent and protect you the foreign investor, and this includes ensuring that you receive competitive local pricing for your legal accounting and property management requirements. As a foreigner purchasing Real Estate in Brazil you will be charged the same legal fees as a Brazilian would pay directly to our lawyers in Fortaleza.

Our legal and accounting team in Fortaleza speaks fluent English, Spanish and of course Portuguese, and all our legal processes are backed up by informative and plain language documents ensuring that as well as being able to see what is being done, you fully understand what is being done.

Whether you need pre-purchase assistance in your Brazilian venture or need help managing your Fortaleza apartment, our team is ready and able to assist.

In addition to English speaking phone contact (with US, UK and Australia numbers) and of course e-mail, each client receives a login allowing them to follow any legal processes or to monitor accounting/management figures they have requested to be included in their dashboard.

Investment Services Brazil is here to provide a set of solutions to allow you the foreign investor to take full advantage of this exciting economy. We look forward to assisting you with your Brazilian investment.