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Investment Services Brazil, having assisted hundreds of foreign real estate purchasers understands fully the needs of foreign investors entering into the Brazilian property market. Buying property in Brazil, or even researching an investment Pre-Purchase can be challenging for foreign buyers who are not based within Brazil. Buying or settling on Brazilian Real Estate should only be done with full market knowledge and preparation. Property valuations and property inspections are one of several tools to ensure you are prepared for your Brazilian Real Estate investment.

We can ensure that your foreign investment is correctly researched through our Pre-Purchase market pricing comparison report. If buying Fortaleza real estate, our team can carry out a local market price study and advice you of any considerations. A property valuation in Brazil is an essential pre-purchase component of your real estate investment. We can carry out valuations in all major Brazilian cities in the Nth East (Fortaleza, Natal, Recife, Salvador).

Post construction, our property inspection team can inspect and deliver a detailed report on the quality of finish, correctly delivered to specification issues and advise on any actions or remedies we see as required. This is an essential part of the purchase process and ensures that legally your apartment is delivered to you and ready for your occupancy. It is also advisable to have a Brazilian lawyer oversee this process to ensure that your legal rights are respected in the event of any delivery issues.

Once you purchase is completed Investment Services Brazil can assist you in furnishing your Fortaleza apartment or villa for occupancy and rental management. Our Fortaleza rental team has a solid network of rental brokers and are developing relationships with specific markets such as the Port of Pecem.


Our property management team acts as facilitators allowing you the foreign purchaser, to initiate and manage key processes in relation to Brazilian Investment without the need for your physical presence. Contact us today to see how we can help with your apartment checking, rental and management.